CSDO cultivates coherence.

CSDO provides the space and conditions for higher-stake cross-workstream decisions to be vetted and discussed, enabling our DAO to efficiently and responsibly fulfill its purpose. CSDO is responsible for creating venues for sensemaking and strategic direction, as well as acting as decision-making body for topics that don't live within individual workstreams. CSDO members commit 2-4 hours to CSDO each week for reviewing and attending ops meetings, and anywhere from 9-17 hours per month for sense making discussions and projects.

We have two types of meetings, the operational calls (CSDO Ops) or action meetings, and the strategy calls (CSDO Sensemaking).

You can find all meeting notes below and recordings are here.

<aside> 🏛️ CSDO Ops

The goal of our CSDO Ops call is to unblock whatever is blocked. Members bring topics that require cross-stream buy-in, advice, coordination or consent. They also serve to hold ourselves accountable. Are we actually making progress on what matters? More on how these calls work here


<aside> 🧠 CSDO Sensemaking

CSDO Sensemaking Sessions are designed to give CSDO members the time and space to align and decide on strategic topics that are deemed strategically impactful. For a deep dive session (3h) this will be a trained external facilitator (eg. The Ready). For a sensemaking session (1h), or complex proposals which cannot be handled in one call, the facilitator can be the proposer or any volunteer.


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