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<aside> 💡 Welcome to the Public Goods Workstream! We're glad you're here :) Our mission is to drive the building and funding of digital public goods by increasing interest in them and using Gitcoin Grants to drive these initiatives. Reach out to Maxwell Kanter or Scott Moore if you have any questions! Otherwise, look at our Active Initiatives and Workstream Roles to discover how you can join us in growing digital public goods!


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Gitcoin is fundamentally focused on building and funding digital public goods. We want to create a society that values creators and replaces corporatized infrastructure with sustainable, open, digital tools and spaces (the metaverse should not be owned by a single company).

Mainly, Gitcoin has focused on achieving this through Gitcoin Grants, a platform that leverages quadratic funding to help communities (like Ethereum) signal what kinds of public goods they care about and in the process get creators sustainable funding to continue their work.

Workstream Objective

The goal of the public goods funding workstream is to help push the mission above forward by increasing interest in public goods at large, and specifically increasing the usage of Gitcoin Grants, both in its current centralized form (cGrants) and as an eventual decentralized protocol (dGrants).

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