<aside> 📚 The Public Goods Library was started by a group of writers interested in discussing ways to create a better positive-sum world. What started as a casual discussion has now evolved into a group helping to shape the future of web3. Read more to see how you can join and participate!


The initial call can be found here:

Seeking a New Kind of Public Good: Open Call for Proposals - Gitcoin's Blog

Now, as we move to our next phase the process for admitting new members is being co-created below.

If you would like to become a librarian:


Bonus Action Items that'll give you brownie points 😉


P.S. We're currently still working on designing a more streamlined process for those interested in joining the discussion group. If you're already confident you're a fit, please join our Discord and reach out to one of the leads below.

Feel free to reach out to the Gitcoin Core team members or Librarians (library mods) for any questions!

🤖Lead Team