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What is Gitcoin? (TL;DR)

The first thing to know about Gitcoin is that we are mission first. Our mission is to build and fund digital public goods. Open Source Software is a digital public good that creates $400bn/year in value, and we believe creators of OSS don’t have great ways to monetize their work on this digital infrastructure. Our goal is to correct this asymmetry.

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Want to be involved in the discussion on public goods, regenerative cryptoeconomics, Gitcoin Grants and how we can help communities build and fund their shared needs? The newly formed DAO Citizen role in our Discord empowers Gitcoin DAO’s community members to co-create what they need from a web3 regen community. ▶ Learn more here!

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Our Purpose

To empower communities to fund their shared needs.

The Essential Intents of Gitcoin

(12-18 month goals to align your work with the rest of the DAO; to be revisited and updated by December 2023)

Protocol Adoption

🔨 Build a widely adopted, modular Grants protocol that creates a flourishing ecosystem of funding mechanisms.

🔨 Build a widely adopted, modular Pluralism Passport protocol that creates a flourishing ecosystem of network effects around Decentralized Society.

Grants Program Success

💪🏻Enable a successful grants protocol launch by dogfooding it internally and supporting ecosystems in adopting it.

🌱Continue to support the Ethereum ecosystem and public goods in web3 and beyond through GitcoinDAO-led rounds.

Financial Sustainability

Have a comprehensive, diversified strategy for financial stability of the GitcoinDAO in order to effectively achieve our mission.

DAO Organization

🌈 Create and promote clear and engaging rituals, communication channels, and messaging that build emergent shared context among GitcoinDAO’s contributors, stewards, and supporters.

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Current Workstreams

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🔎 Getting Around

Do you have any difficulties using our DAO tools, please give us a feedback via the typeform.



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