We’re aiming to run 5-10 rounds with design partners between August - December of 2022, with a rough goal of kicking off at least one round per month over that period. Optimism (OP) has been identified as the initial partner for Grants 2.0 and Round Manager, so this MVP is focused on enabling them to run a Retroactive Public Goods Funding (RGPF) round ~8/1. The team is aiming to be code complete on the necessary components by 7/5 to leave enough time for testing and refinement. The RM/GE team will deliver the Round Manager component to Optimism, but will partner with the Grant Hub team (on the application flow) and Moonshot (on the front-end). Our team will not build a Grant Explorer front end (unless for our own testing purposes), but we will aim to deliver a public-facing version of Grant Explorer for a future alpha partner.

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Optimism needs a version of Round Manager that enables them to:

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