Official Twitter Accounts




@GitcoinFam (aka Gitcoin Vibes)

Other social media

If there is a social media account not listed below, please contact the MMM team in case they have missed it. Otherwise, consider that the account is a fake.

LinkedIn (not actively monitored or used)

Lenster (not actively monitored or used)

Reddit (not actively monitored or used)


YouTube - Gitcoin Transparency (hosts all streamed meetings)

YouTube - Gitcoin Media (not actively monitored or used infrequently)


All of Gitcoin’s websites are listed below. We often use subdomains (ex: to ensure that individuals can distinguish between fraudulent activities. We also commonly use[word] to shorten URLs.

Never click on or use any link other than something ending in You can see our full list of domains here. (main website) (our docs)