Step 1: Initial Onboarding ℹ️

The first step is helping grantees create their grants and apply to the round. The easiest way to accomplish this is creating an onboarding guide and sending it to grantees.

Here is a template you can use for an Onboarding Guide:

Step 2: Ongoing Support During The Round ✋

Once grantees are onboarded, they will need support during the round.

Here are 4 ideas for how to help your grantees succeed during the round:

  1. Provide clear support channels: Provide a clear way for grantees to reach out to you and ask questions during the round. This could be via email, Discord, Twitter, etc.
  2. Connect grantees to each other: Create communication channels for grantees that allow them to connect and learn from each other. This could be via Discord, Telegram, WhatsApp, etc.
  3. Host meetups and office hours: Host live events to connect grantees to each other and answer questions grantees have.

Step 3: Collecting Feedback 🗣️

We highly recommend that you create a way for grantees to provide feedback on the round. Here is the survey Gitcoin used for its Alpha Round. We recommend using something similar!