<aside> <img src="/icons/info-alternate_green.svg" alt="/icons/info-alternate_green.svg" width="40px" /> If you are interested in participating in Gitcoin Grants 19, this guide is for you!

This Grantee Onboarding Guide shares key information about GG19 and teaches you how to create your grant.


Overview ℹ️

Gitcoin Grants is a quarterly cycle where Gitcoin helps to drive awareness and funding to both Program and Community Rounds. This “hype cycle” generates buzz and excitement, creating opportunities for projects to gain exposure and secure funding. Gitcoin Grants act as a catalyst, attracting contributors, participants, and spectators and offering projects and round operators a unique opportunity to maximize impact, reach diverse audiences, and enhance credibility.


It’s a quarterly initiative run by Gitcoin that empowers everyday believers in web3 to drive funding toward what they believe matters, with the impact of individual donations being magnified by the use of the Quadratic Funding (QF) distribution mechanism. QF was introduced in a paper published in 2018 by Vitalik Buterin, Zoe Hitzig, and Glen Weyl. More information can be found on the Gitcoin website.

About Gitcoin Grants 19 💭

Gitcoin Grants 19 is the 19th seasonal grants round run by Gitcoin.

The dates for the GG19 are November 15 - 29, 2023, and there will be 3 Program Rounds managed by Gitcoin, each with its own Eligibility Criteria and a distinct matching pool:

There will also be a number of Community Rounds managed independently. Stay tuned for more information on these rounds.

Donating + Passport Stamps