GG20 OSS Grantee Guides & Resources

Missed the application window? We're accepting late applications until the 27th April! We aim to review all applications by the 28th April.

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GG20 has 4 dedicated Open Source Software rounds

Please choose one of the OSS round to apply to

💻 OSS Hackathon Alumni

⚒️ OSS Developer Tooling & Libraries

🔮 OSS dApps & Apps

💭 Web3 Infrastructure

Key information

🔵 All OSS Rounds are running on Arbitrum Learn more

🌐 GG20 is on Allo V2 Make sure you create your grant and apply on V2. View the walkthrough

🪪  Passport is running in the background for GG20 We’re excited to roll out a big evolution to our matching algorithm this round that achieves higher sybil protection with much less user friction that means donors won’t need to re-validate their Passport stamps. Learn more

Community Rounds

There are also 5 Community Rounds that have applications open! You may only apply to one OSS round, but you may apply to as many community rounds as you wish (including if you are already applying to an OSS round).

How to apply

1. Create your project in Builder

2. Apply for a Round

Visit the Builder Guide for a full walkthrough.

Check you meet the eligibility criteria for the round you are wanting to apply to. Rounds can be found on

🙌 Tips for grant success.

3. Grantee FAQs (including how to use Markdown!)

Unsure of which OSS round to apply to?


🤔 How does Quadratic Funding work, anyway?



📄 GG20 OSS

View OSS Eligibility Criteria

View Gitcoin General Eligibility Criteria

Navigating the transition to Allo V2 here.

📢 Promotion & Marketing

Quadratic Funding 101

Guide to Promoting Your Project

Marketing Design Package

Share the Donor Portal link with your community to make donor onboarding easy! [UPDATED SOON]