Determining Which Communication Forum To Use

Communication Forum When To Utilize Wider strategic conversation
External issue (not confidential) Discord-core-thread for discussion and visibility
Internal issue (confidential) Private DM or 1-1 video call
Code of Conduct (CoC) violation email: mailto:[email protected] Instances of abusive, harassing, fraudulent, or otherwise unacceptable behavior
dao-people-ops Your place to ask any and all questions to the people ops team!

Communicating Availability

You are not expected to be available all the time. There is no expectation to respond to messages outside of your planned working hours.

Discord Threads

Forms of Communication:

Nonviolent Communication

Nonviolent Communication (NVC) is a powerful tool that teams can use to improve their conflict resolution skills. NVC provides a common language that can help people in conflicts turn their disagreement into a win-win situation.

NVC has four steps:

  1. Observation: Clearly state what you see happening. For example, "I noticed that you didn't respond to my email."
  2. Feelings: Express how the situation makes you feel. For example, "I'm feeling frustrated."
  3. Needs: Identify what you need in order to feel better. For example, "I need more respect for my time and effort."
  4. Request: Ask for a solution in a non-demanding way. For example, "Could you please try to respond to my emails more promptly?"

Using NVC can help teams resolve conflicts more effectively and build stronger relationships.

Communicating Situational and Comprehensive Feedback